earth fit

About Us

Earthfit is an Indian brand that provides affordable and healthier cookstoves to the poor and marginalized section of society. Our social entrepreneurship journey began in 2022, with a corporate office in Pune and two manufacturing plants in Waluj, Aurangabad.

Today, our manufacturing capacity stands at close to one million stoves per annum.

The Earthfit brand is currently active in the regions of India, Asia Pacific and Africa, helping improve the lives of thousands of women and children. When the homes move away from clay chulhas they are improving the health of women and children, saving fuel, saving time, and future medical expenses.
We partner with NGO’s, Micro Financing Units, or other social institutions and corporates to provide our cook stoves to genuine beneficiaries. But this is not just about efficient and healthy cooking, we also provide carbon credits that can help corporates go carbon neutral.

Our Philosophy

Business for Better

We trust upon nurturing business opportunities is the most sustainable approach to help people make intelligent decisions and build happy lives through innovative cooking solutions.

Built for Scale

With nearly half of the global population still living in energy poverty, Earthfit invests in developing and bringing to the market scalable solutions that will improve the access and adoption of clean energy solutions on a global scale.

Consumer Centered Design

Earthfit believes that everyone across the world is united in an ambition to live a healthy, productive, and meaningful life. Human life is at the center of our product design, and behavior change depends on their satisfaction. We create intelligent products to help people make intelligent decisions.


Creating access to clean energy technology involves more than a technology revolution – it requires innovation along the entire value chain, from product manufacturing and sales to marketing and customer service. Over a period, Earthfit has developed and scaled a social venture committed to serving communities across globe. This structured model has helped support the creation of markets that address consumer preferences, create access to new technology, and develop business partnerships with the capacity and commitment to support customers after they’ve purchased Earthfit’s products.

Our Team

Dedicated professionals committed to excellence.

Harish Anchan -Earthfit

Harish Anchan

Managing Director

As a social entrepreneur with decades of international experience, and as Managing Director, I proudly lead a company that is changing lives across world. Ask me how it feels to see first-hand women in rural India, and their families, benefit from breathing cleaner air as they cook. Traditional stoves used by 150 million households across this country are respiratory hazards and we, at Earthfit, are changing that. Our improved biomass cookstove design is in over 10,00,000 rural homes today; we continue to innovate, with new products that enable happy living. We work with CSR programs, NGOs and MFIs; let’s talk about making a genuine impact in rural communities.

Atul Joshi - Earthfit

Atul Joshi

Sales & Marketing

Atul Joshi is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Earthfit Solutions. In this role, Joshi is responsible for designing and developing innovative approaches to help Earthfit’s award-winning clean cookstoves reach those at the bottom of the pyramid. This includes working with corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and microfinance corporations. Each of Earthfit’s installations generates carbon credits, and Joshi takes pride in seeing rural kitchens successfully address the issue of indoor air pollution. Joshi and his team can help organizations build CSR programs that support their strategic priorities.

Shripad Kulkarni - Earthfit

Shripad Kulkarni


Shripad Kulkarni is a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) responsible for managing the financial operations of Earthfit. As a CFO, it is Kulkarni’s duty to practice financial discipline in Earthfit’s business and to follow guidelines defined by government authorities. Kulkarni works closely with other members of the executive team and provides financial guidance and support to the organization. Kulkarni is skilled in accounting, finance, and business strategy, and has a strong understanding of regulatory issues and financial risks. Additionally, Kulkarni plays a key role in establishing and maintaining relationships with investors, banks, and other financial institutions.

Our Advisory Panel

Guidance from Esteemed Experts.

Vivek Shilvant


V. G. Shilvant, a Chartered Accountant having thirty five years of rich experience in Accounts, Finance and Taxation in industry, is an advisor to the management team of Earthfit. He will help advising on the compliance of various statutory requirements & also help the organisation in achieving its financial goals. He continues to advise the management team on business development, new project developments, finance, operations, customer service, accounting, financial planning, direct and indirect taxation, as well as investments.
Tim Bauer

Tim Bauer


Co-Founder and President of Envirofit International – Tim is a committed, passionate and visionary leader who has been building distribution and network partnerships globally for over 20 years. Increasing market penetration and expanding market reach while leveraging carbon finance have been cornerstones of Tim’s work for the past 10 years, helping deliver more than 2M clean technology systems to customers.
Nathan Lorenz

Nathan Lorenz


Envirofit Co-Founder and CTO – Nathan has extensive experience in managing the entire product development cycle from concept ideation and prototype performance testing through market testing, design for production, supplier selection and finally manufacturing at scale. Nathan has successfully manufactured products in more than 15 countries. Nathan also has extensive Carbon Program experience, architecting the development, registration, and operation of 10 separate carbon credit programs spanning 11 countries & 3 continents.

Rohit Lohia

Advisor - Carbon Projects

Climate Secure Founder and Director, Rohit Lohia has extensive experience in developing carbon projects under various standards. Rohit has successfully developed numerous community based carbon projects and has contributed to successful deliveries in some of the world’s first community carbon initiatives. Rohit carries an experience of over a decade in carbon project development with multi-cultural and geography exposure in more than over 20 countries.

Megha Mahajan


Megha Mahajan is a company secretary and law graduate having a combined work experience of 22 years as a professional in the field of secretarial and corporate law. She has an experience of working as a Company secretary and legal head of a German MNC for 7 years wherein she has an experience of cross border transactions and FEMA regulations. Presently working as a practicing company secretary for last 14 years in the areas of corporate laws, employment related policies and laws, intricacies of contract drafting and vetting. Megha has advised in many investment transactions including cross border transactions and execution of the same with precision.