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We design high-quality, low-cost cooking solutions that save money and cook faster. See our innovation.

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We work with governments, businesses, and NGOs to make more brilliant cooking accessible to more people. Become a partner in our social impact investing.


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Earthfit Solutions is a social enterprise that innovates intelligent energy products and services that improve lives on a global scale. Using a market-based approach, Earthfit develops a global product line of efficient clean cooking technologies that cook faster while reducing fuel consumption, smoke, and toxic emissions. Serving people in energy poverty, Earthfit’s Clean Stoves reduce effects of climate change, create new employment opportunities, enable families to stay healthy & save money.


Our stoves cook faster and reduce fuel use, smoke, and toxic emissions


Stoves cook 2-3X more efficiently. In the same tier as LPG charcoal stoves meet Tier 4 emissions standards for PM2.5 and wood stoves meet Tier 4 standards for CO.


We build the world’s highest quality lowest cost stoves that pay for themselves in 3-6 months.

earth fit stove


Using best in the industry material, stoves endure sustained daily use


Our stoves come with a 2 years warranty and have been tested up to 10,000 hours (10 years) of durability testing.


Stoves save customers 50-80% on fuel use and cook traditional foods like rice, ugali, and banku in under 20 minutes.

We deliver the Intelligent way

We design more than a product, we design ideas and solutions. We innovate Intelligent, scalable solutions that deliver stoves to the most relevant beneficiary.


Making a difference that matters

Earthfit for Carbon Neutrality

By donating just 1,00,000 Earthfit cookstoves, businesses can earn upto 15,00,000 carbon credits. This is a fact that can be replicated across multiple businesses. Earthfit for Carbon Neutrality offers an end-to-end solution to help businesses achieve carbon neutrality. This includes providing intelligent cookstoves and monitoring their use to ensure maximum benefit.

Pathway for businesses to earn carbon credit

Earthfit for Carbon Neutrality is a great solution for businesses looking to go carbon neutral. We are committed to complete transparency, and our focus is on delivering innovative and high-quality products. We also provide tech enablement at the grassroot level to help effectively manage the project. Our Earthfit cookstoves are an effective tool for fighting climate change and achieving carbon neutrality.